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First Generation

1. William GREENWAY. Born bef 1730 in England. William died bef 1770 in , Frederick, Virgina. Buried in , , Virgina.

It is possible that William and Mary had two more children. But have not found documentation to support this. They are:

1. Would be child no. 4: Mary Greenway, b. 8 Jan 1762, m. Seth Stratton 10 April 1787.
2. Would be child no. 5: John Joseph Greenway, birth unknown, d. Bef. Dec. 1793
m. 1780 to Rebecca Harper.

In comparing William death dates it is possible that he sired two more children, as for Mary without her death date to use for comparrison, I am sceptical.

Greenway Manor vs Greenway Court[1]

From the "History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley," P. 646, you find they are writing about the Russell Family. "David married Hannah Greenway, daughter of William Greenway, of Greenway Manor, VA., who came to this country with Thomas, Lord Fairfax of Greenway court. Of this marriage," etc, etc.[2]
From "Frederick Findings: - Vol. 1, No. 4, Fall, 1988, p. 204-5, (published by Lineage Search Associates, Arlington, Va.), you find the following: "Greenway Court: the estate built circa 1752 by Thomas, Lord Fairfax and head quarters of his Northern Neck Land Office, located on a branch of Borden's Marsh Run about 1/2 mile west of Greenway Court Road (Virginia Route 658) and about 1 mile southwest of White Post; it was part of a larger tract known as Greenway Manor, containing 10,000 acres."[3]
From the "Virginia Magazine of History" page 225, "[4]Greenway Court, from which the sixth Lord Fairfax derived the name of his wilderness lodge in Virginia still stands, close at the foot of the North Downs, on the boundary line of Harrietsham and Hollingbourne. Some of the old masonry dates from the fourteenth century, but the house has been several time rebuilt. Hasted said (ii, 466) that it 'was formerly esteemed a manor, the mansion of which was a seat of good account.'
Originally held by a family called Greenway, the estate came into the possession of the Crown and was settled by Henry VIII upon the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, of whom it was held by the St. Legers, Culpeppers and Fairfaxes successively until 1758, when Robert, seventh Lord Fairfax, alienated the leasehold to the banker, Sir Francis Child. Although the manor of Alnorthing was usually held with Greenway Court, the latter was in itself never more than a dwelling house and Curtilage. Sir Alexander C. describes it in his will (1645 as 'll acres and not more.'"

William married Mary STEVENS. Born bef 1730. Mary died aft 1763. Based on last child's birth.

They had the following children:
2 i. George (1750-1828)
ii. John Joseph. Born abt 1751. John Joseph died bef Dec 1793.

Joseph married Rebecca Harper (see Harper family World Family Tree G597) around 1780. In 1783 he purchased two lots between Royal and Fairfax on Princess St. in Alexandria, , VA from Robert Lyle. In 1785 Lyle purchased the lots back. In 1787 for 112 pounds he purchased a lot from James Halliday in Alexandria at the corner of Wolfe and Allison's Alley. In 1787 he also purchased a parcel at the corner of Wolfe and Fairfax. As of 1790, they lived on the northwest corner of Prince and Fairfax. Joseph was a storekeeper. As of 1784 he owned a wholesale and retail store. As of August 22, 1789, he served as harbor and ballast master in Alexandria. He was a member of the Alexandria's Mason's Lodge. On September 15, 1790 he applied for appointment to cammand a revenue cutter. He died before December 1793 when his will was probated. Rebecca lived as of 1797 in a home that is still standing today at 514 S. Fairfax in Alexandria. The home as of 1996 was owned by a Mrs. Marion Young. (It was visited by the contributor of this information, Boomer Nelson.) Rebecca died on March 10, 1797, at the age of 37 in Alexandria. They were Presbyterian. Their children were raised by Rebecca's younger brother Charlie Harper. [5]

Discussion on January 29, 2000 with Boomer Nelson family researcher: "Several researchers seem to feel that he is the only logical canidate (William Greenway). Joseph Greenway's daughter Mary Patience Greenway married John Smither. They named their oldest son William Harper Smither. The only direct line Smither named William would have been John's Great Grandfather William Smither. So May be William Haper Smither's name was created by taking his Great Grandfather William Greenway's given name and combining it with his Grandmother Rebecca Harper's given name. Of course Mary Patience was raised by her Uncle Charles Harper, so Harper could have come in that way also. Mary could have been named after her Grandma Mary Stevens Greenway. The name Mary was not in the Harper line other than that of stepmom. Also William Harper Smither was the oldest son so the choosing of his name would be significant and probably be after a direct line ancestor rather than an Uncle or friend."[6]

Military: William's supposed son Joseph served in the Navy during the Revolution. He was a Lietenant. He was imprisoned aboard the Delaware Frigate. He served as the Captain of the Brigantine Virginia in 1780. This was a privately owned vessel that was used during the revolution to either patrol, run blockades or to raid merchant ships. The ship carried a crew of 24 and operated 8 carriage guns and 24 swivels.

In 1780 John Joseph married Rebecca HARPER, daughter of Capt. John HARPER & Sarah WELLS, in Alexandria, , VA. Born in 1759. Rebecca died on 10 Mar 1797 in Alexandria, Virgina.

iii. Hannah. Born abt 1753 in Frederick Co., VA. Hannah died on 11 Dec 1822.

On 2 Feb 1789 Hannah married David RUSSELL, in Fredrick Co, VA. Married by Christian Streit. Born in 1754. David died in 1823.

iv. William[7]. Born in 1755 in Fredrick Co., Virginia.[8] William died on 3 Apr 1839 in Washington Co., TN.[8] Buried in Limestone Creek, Washington, TN.[8] Greenway Cemetery.

A-261 WILLIAM GREENWAY: 13 Mar 1839; weak; To son William - land I bought of James Graham round to Richard Greenway's line. To sons John H. and Jesse H. - the remainder of my land including the family burying ground. Daughter Martha, comfortable support during her celibacy. Daughter Mary Ann McNeese, Anna Looney, heirs of Polly Ann Johnson, Hannah Waddell, Richard Greenway, Susan Green, Elizabeth Payne, Dorcas Jordan, Patsy, George, grson Elridge A. Young - negroes Robert, Lizzy, James, King, Charles; land bought of James Graham from the sheep log to Richard Greenway's line; Jehu (or John) Greenway has the wafon and horses on the farm. Executors, son Jesse H. and John H. Greenway. Wit: William Patton, G. W. Telford. Probated _____1839. Signed: William Greenway[7]

William mentions a grandson in his will as Elridge A. Young. The only daughter not showing a married name is Patsey Greenway, could this may be her child?

Source: "Washington Co, TN Wills, Abstracts from Will Book A 1770-1860, p. 21 A-261", AN SEARCHIN TN VOL. 26, "AnSearchin News," Published by TN Genealogical Society , Memphis, TN. Vol. 26 Spring 1979.

Military: Revolution War Hero @ Quebec.

bef 1778 William married Elizabeth HUMPHRYS[8], daughter of John HUMPHRYS (abt 1717-) & Susannah NORTH (abt 1721-), in , Washington, TN.[9] AFN: P3F7-4W. Born on 26 Dec 1761 in , Frederick, Virgina.[10] Elizabeth died in Washington Co., TN on 15 Aug 1837; she was 75.[8] Buried in Limestone Creek, Washington, TN.[8] Greenway Cemetery. Anst File#: AFN:P3F7-4W.[9]

Information on the Humphrey's came from family researcher Clyde Greenway. [8]
Also her family is listed with the First Families of Tenneesee.

v. Mary. Born on 8 Jan 1762 in Frederick Co., VA. Mary died in Shelby Co., KY on 26 Sep 1828; she was 66.[11]

Family researchers that list Mary as the daughter of William and Mary. (The sources: "Virginia Historical Marriage Register, 1738-1850;" "A Book of Strattons," "History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley," by J.E. Norris; Town Clerk, Frederick Co., VA. Courthouse, Winchester Co., VA; and Jim Tiege on Rootsweb's WorldConnect Project.)[11]

We also know that her husband Seth Stratton and William and George Greenway fought together in the Revolutionary War. Of course, none of that proves anything, but it is a starting place. More research is needed.

On 10 Apr 1787 when Mary was 25, she married Seth STRATTON, in Winchester,Frederick Co, VA.[12] Married by Christian Streit. Born on 15 Oct 1762.[13] Seth died on 29 Dec 1845; he was 83.[13]

"III. Seth Stratton was born October 15, 1762. In 1771 he is mentioned in the will of his grandfather, David Stratton of Evesham, N. J. (See his will.) He married Mary Greenway in Winchester, Frederick County, VA. She was born January 8, 1762.This marriage is recorded in the town clerk's office at Winchester. His name is on the Revolutionary pension list at Richmond"[13]
"About 1805 he moved with his family from Virginia cross the Alleghany Mountains, to Shelby County, Kentucky, where he bought land and cleared a farm on Buck Creek, near Fisherville. He was prominent among the very early settlers of Shelby County, and a highly respected citizen. His children were all members of the Buck County Baptist Church. He died December 29, 1845. His wife died seventeen years earlier, September 26, 1828.
Children: -- Born in Virginia:
+ 48 William, b. 1788; d. 1835. See Vol. II.
- 49 Hannah, m. William Ellis.
+ 50 Joseph, b. 1792; d. 1864. See Vol. II.
- 51 Mary, m. Moses Shelley.
+52 Seth, b. 1797; d. 1860. See Vol. II.
- 53 Sarah, died unmarried in Kentucky.
- 54 Elizabeth, died unmarried in Kentucky."[13]

David Stratton's Will:[14] (mentioned above).
"1771, May 20. Stratton, David, of Evesham, Burlington Co., taylor; will of. Daughter, Sara Devo, 1 shilling. Daughter, Amy Goff, 1 shilling. Daughter, Mary Stratton, 5 shillings, and funiture which my Executrix thinks proper, when she is 18. Son, Joseph, 10 shillings, and the demands I have against him. Son, Elias, 15 shillings. Son, Mark, 5 shillings. Son, Daniel, 5 shillings. Grandson, Seth Stratton, L5, when 21. Wife, Mary, all real and personal estate. Executrix - wife, Mary. Witnesses - Joseph Wilcox, Jonathan Oliphant, Abraham Prickett. Proved June 11, 1771. 1771. June 1. Inventory, L145.19.1, made by John Branin and Lawrence Webster. Lib. 14, p. 348"[14]

Military: According to William F. Boogher's Gleanings in Virginia History, Seth Stratton was in Capt. Daniel Morgan's rifle company, which marched from Winchester, Va., to Cambridge, Mass., and joined the army under General Washington. They were twenty-four days on the march. In the same company were George and William Greenway.[13]

"This company was organized in the Spring of 1775; consisted of 96 men from Winchester and vicinity; left Winchester July 14, 1775, arrived Cambridge, Mass., August 7, 1775, and joined the army under General Washington. Among the partial list published by William Boogher; listed as Privates: George Greenway, William Greenway and Seth Stratton, page 171."[15]

"Among his grand children and great-grandchildren are many stories of his Revolutionary War services, and they have in their possession articles of clothing that he wore as a Revolutionary soldier.

They claim he had no other brothers, but had a half-brother by the name of "Devoe." End of information from "A Book of Strattons."[13]


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