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Second Generation

Family of Soloman KEYES (1) & Frances GRANT

2. John KEYES.[1] Born on 14 Aug 1674 in Chelmsford, MA.[2] John died in Shrewsbury, MA on 31 Mar 1768; he was 93.

On 11 Mar 1696 when John was 21, he married Mary EAMES[1], daughter of Gersham EAMES (-25 Nov 1676) & Hannah JOHNSON, in Watertown, MA. Born in Mar 1677.

They had the following children:
3 i. Gersham (1698-)
ii. Mary[1]. Born on 24 Oct 1700 in Marlboro, MA.

On 18 Jan 1720 when Mary was 19, she married Daniel RAND[1], in Marlboro, MA. They resided in Shrewsbury, MA.

iii. Solomon[1]. Born on 30 Aug 1703 in Marlboro, MA.[4]

iv. Hannah[1]. Born on 9 Jul 1706 in Marlboro, MA.[5]

v. Thankful[1]. Born on 24 May 1709 in Marlboro, MA.[5]

On 20 Aug 1731 when Thankful was 22, she married Jonas KEYES[1].

vi. John[1]. Born on 30 Apr 1712.

vii. Sarah[1]. Born on 5 Mar 1715.[6]

In 1731 Sarah married Joshua WILDER[1].

viii. Stephen[1]. Born on 2 Apr 1718.[6]

ix. Mary[1]. Born on 12 Oct 1721. Mary died in Dec .

x. Solomon[1]. Born on 13 Mar 1723. Solomon was baptized in Shrewsbury, MA on 13 Mar 1723.[5] First baptisim in Shrewsbury church.

xi. Mary[1].

xii. Thankful[1].

xiii. Sarah[1].

xiv. Phebe[1]. Born on 1 Jan 1733.

In Jun 1755 Phebe married Samuel BIGELOW[1].

xv. Rezina[1].

xvi. Daniel[1].

xvii. Levina[1]. Levina died in Dec .

Levina married John K. WETHERBY[1].

"John Keyes, youngest son of Solomon and Frances, was born in Chelmsford, Mass., his birth there recorded. We first here of him in Marlboro, Mass., where is recorded the birth of his children. He probably moved to Shrewsbury about 1720, and was one of the founders of the church there. He married Mar. 11, 1696, Mary, dau. of Gersham and Hannah (Johnson) Eames. Gersham Eames died in Watertown, Mass., Nov. 25, 1676, and Mary was born four months after her father's death. Her mother subsequently married a Ward, and became the mother of Col. Nahum Ward. In Aug. 1723, a carpenter by the name of Ebenezer Bragg, was building a house for John, then Capt. John Keyes, in Shrewbury. On the night of the 7th, the house being nearly finished, was burned, as also the old one near it in which Major John was residing. Six persons were sleeping in the new house. Three sons of Capt. Keyes, and two of Bragg's apprentices were burned, and Bragg saved himself by jumping from the window. John usually known as the famous Major John Keyes, lived with his wife 72 years. Their son-in-law, Daniel Rand, married Martha Bruce for his 2nd wife, was married by Major John who had then passed his 85th year, and afterward lived with his father-in-law. His farm was subsequently known as the Rand farm, and was purchased by Col. Joseph Henshaw of Rand or his heirs. Maj. John died Mar. 31, 1768, Mary, relict of Maj. John died Apr. 16, 1772, aged 95 years and one month."[6]

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