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Third Generation

Family of John KEYES (2) & Mary EAMES

3. Gersham KEYES.[1] Born on 1 Mar 1698 in Marlboro, MA.[5]

In 1718 Gersham married Sarah[1].

They had the following children:
4 i. Humphrey (1721-1793)
ii. Frances[1]. Born on 5 Dec 1719.[7]

iii. Lucretia[1]. Born on 18 Aug 1723.[7]

iv. Lavina[1]. Born on 16 Feb 1726.[7]

v. Elizabeth[1]. Born on 4 Apr 1728.[7]

Gersham Keyes, eldest son of Maj. John, and the only one of his sons who survived the fire (See Family Notes for Gersham's father, John Keyes), married 1718, Sarah (???) and was living in Shrewbury, on house lot No. 15, in 1729. His wife joined the church there 1727. After the birth of his children, says the record, "Gersham removed to Boston and became a wealthy merchant." Gersham afterward removed to Virginia and established a ferry, still called Keyes Ferry, on the Shenandoah river, near Charleston, Jeff. Co. The ferry was then half a mile below its present site, opposite Sheler's Spring, now Keyes Switch. There is no data to fix the time of Gresham's removal to Virginia, but in 1775, when Braddock with his force crossed the Shenandoah, he was living there, and from him supplies were bought for Braddock's army. The descendants still preserve a letter, relative to the survey of the "Keyes Ferry tract," which we here insert, as showing the extent of that tract, and as every item then relating to the father of his country must be interesting.
M Vernon 26th March 1762
Your letter of the 18th Feb'y was delivered to me at our last court, by Mr. Ramsay. In regard to the Warrant which you enquire after, I can only repeat what I have often done before that it must have been returned with the others to the proprietor's office, if I ever had such a one, but since it is not to be found there, I shall at your request declare all I remember concerning it, which is this, that there was a Warrant directed to me for surveying you (I think) four hundred acres of Land, either at or about your Ferry, which then stood lower down the river, but who it was to join on, or what the reason of not executing it I cannot absolutely recollect; this I perfectly well know, that I did make you a survey at some place near to where your Ferry then stood, but I think it was in consequence of another Warrant, and that I have had such a Warr't as you ask after in my Possession and moreover that it was not executed owing to some dispute between Col. Fairfax and yourself.
I am Sir
Yr. Hble Servt.
Recommemced to |
the care of |
Mr. Ramsay. |

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