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Sixth Generation

Family of John KEYES Sr. (5) & "Louisa"/Luvica TALBOTT

6. John KEYES Jr.[1] Born on 9 Dec 1783.[1] page 218. John died in Hawkins Co., TN on 17 Jul 1864; he was 80.[1] page 221.

John Keyes Jr. second son of Capt. John, married Catherine Greever, Dec. 30, 1806, had eleven children, and d. July17, 1864. Catherine, his wife, died June 20, 1842.[11]

On 30 Dec 1806 when John was 23, he married Catherine GREEVER[1].[1] page 220. Catherine died on 20 Jun 1842 in Hawkins Co., TN.[1] page 220.

They had the following children:
i. William G.[1]. Born on 1 Feb 1808 in Tennessee. page 221.

"Moved with his father and mother from Washington Co., VA, to Hawkins Co., TN, where he m. Emmeline Wright and had one son, then moved to Greene Co., TN, where Emmeline d. Sept. 21, 1859. William Keyes m. 2d Nov. 29, 1868, Harriet , dau. of Charles Cook, by whom he had 2 sons and a daughter." page 221 Solomon Keyes Book, The Robert Keyes Family.[1]

William G. first married Emmaline WRIGHT[1], in Hawkins Co., TN. Born on 21 Sep 1859 in Greene Co., TN.

On 29 Nov 1868 when William G. was 60, he second married Harriet COOK[1], daughter of Charles COOK, in Greene Co., TN.

ii. Nancy[1] (Died as Child).

iii. John Talbott[1]. Born on 20 Sep 1811.

iv. Elizabeth[1].

Res. in Canada at time of printing of Book by Solomon Keyes.[12]

v. Washington[1]. Washington died on 13 Feb 1838 in Cumberland Co., TN.[12]

vi. Campbell[1].

Res. in Canada at the time of Printing of Solomon Keyes Book.[12]

vii. Robison[1].

Res. in Cumberland Co., TN at time of printing of Soloman Keyes Book.[12]

viii. Joseph Clemand[1].

Res. in Walker Co., GA, at the time of the printing of Solomon Keyes Book.[12]

7 ix. Alpheus (~1830-)
x. Hiram[1]. Hiram died in Gentry Co., MO.[12]

xi. Martha[1].

Res. in Canada at the time of printing of Solomon Keyes Book.[12]

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